Trin and Associates

Trin & Associates LLC, an Arizona S-Corporation, was founded 11 January 2005 as an economic development organization that leverages various resources to assist private and public organizations and contribute to the growth of Arizona’s economy.

CEO Harry Garewal holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). His high-profile career spans 20+ years in Executive and Senior Management positions involving private, public and governmental organizations with particular emphasis on executive coaching, strategic business administration, vision management, business development, fund raising and project management. Mr. Garewal is a bottom-line-oriented strategist with a verifiable record of maximizing available resources and remarkable problem-solving skills that allow him to be clear-eyed and decisive even under stressful circumstances.

What’s the value to my clients?


Your value is defined by your network and your knowledge.

Trin & Associates offers a broad array of solutions to help you navigate the complex challenges that arise within your company. We have helped numerous organizations make substantial changes with a positive impact on their bottom lines.

With extensive experience in the healthcare, education and sustainable industries, we offer solutions for enterprises of all types and sizes.

We will assist your organization so you can make sound and well-informed business decisions that will improve productivity and profitability, while positioning your company to meet future opportunities.

Professional services available include the following:

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